Monday, August 15, 2011

UK car thieves won't stoop to stealing the Ford Ka

(This post first appeared on the AGU intranet The Core)

Car thieves have standards. They take pride in their work. Consequently, they seek out vehicles that speak volumes about their aspirations and their status in society.

According to UK insurance data, the Ford Ka is the car least likely to be pinched. A reformed and now thoroughly upstanding member of respectable society and, oh yeah, erstwhile burglar weighed in on why the Ka is so unthievable:

"A Ford Ka is not very likely to be stolen as thieves will view them as cheap, with no power, and no street cred among thieves."

So one would expect the cars that disappear from car parks and parking spaces most frequently to be hot hatchbacks, sleek paragons of German engineering, or dreamy Italian supercars. Er... no. The car most frequently stolen is the not so fast and furious Toyota Yaris! Seems like car thieves have high standards of reliability, fuel economy, and road handling, too!

Read a full article at the Guardian newspaper's website.

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  1. Somewhere I read that the Acura was a very desirable car for thieves due to its super-powerful and reliable engine. Yet no-one ever tried to steal mine. I wonder why.
    In Italy, I heard from a cop that the Fiat 1 was the car most stolen by drug addicts. Apparently the key of a Fiat 1 can open many others. Classic Fiat.